Protecting Consumers Against Product Contamination with High-Tech Leak Detection Equipment

Contaminated food products can result in serious problems. These include the safety of consumers on the one hand and the food processor, product packaging company, manufacturers of packages, and other entities on the other hand. One are in which food contamination can occur is when a packaged product develops some type of leak, even one that is nothing more than the size of a pin prick.

Leak detection equipment provides a valuable tool to protect the interests of both consumers and entities involved in the stream of product distribution and sales as well. There are a variety of distinctions to be realized through the use of more high-tech leak detection equipment alternatives.

The Traditional Product Packaging Leak Detection Methodologies

Three of the most commonly utilized product packaging leak detection methodologies are pressure decay, bubble tests, and even the utilization of soapy water. A variety of negative elements are associated with these process, the most significant being that they are not highly efficient. In fact, utilizing these methodologies can be rather time consuming.

Another of the reasons why these methodologies are less than ideal rests in the fact that it really is impossible to efficiently test all product packaging in this manner. In the end, some of the packaging can be tested, and then the results must be somehow extrapolated to other packages that were not subjected to any physical testing.

Two problems are associated with the extrapolation process. First, if the equation is too stringent, an unnecessary number of packages are removed from the distribution and sales stream. This results in unnecessary loss of product and, ultimately, an increase in the cost of a product to a consumer.

Second, if the equation is too lax, the risk increases for contaminated product being passed through the distribution and sales system to consumers. This can present a major health risk, depending on the nature and extent of product contamination.

The High Tech Product Packaging Leak Detection Alternative

An example of a high-tech alternative for leak detection equipment is one that is based on a food-safe gas or combination of gasses. For example, there is leak detection equipment on the market today that utilizes a combination of hydrogen and nitrogen gas. The gasses are mixed in a formulation consisting of 95 percent nitrogen and 5 percent hydrogen. The gas combination is wholly safe.

One of the reasons that this alternative is proving to be a solid resource arises from the fact that it is a very efficient alternative, particularly when weighed against the three most common types of testing alternative. The gas can be utilized quickly, and in a manner that results in its nearly immediate dissipation. Again the gas used in this process is wholly safe. You may be able to learn more at the FlexPak website.

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