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The information on the Livestock Feeds "Compendium of Medicated Ingredient Brochures" page has been updated:

The following document has been deleted:

MIB #10.5, Lincomycin

This MIB has been removed because there are no "Approved Brands" remaining for lincomycin, and not for any reasons related to animal health or food safety.

The following documents have been updated:

MIB # 7, Zoalene

MIB # 21, 3-nitro-4-hydroxyphenylarsonic acid

MIB # 45, Clopidol

MIB # 50, Decoquinate

MIB # 57, Monensin sodium

MIB # 58, Robenidine hydrochloride

MIB # 66, Lasalocid sodium

MIB # 69, Salinomycin sodium

MIB # 71, Maduramicin ammonium

The lists of “Accepted Compatibilities” in all of these MIBs have been amended to remove any references to Lincomycin and MIB # 10.5.

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