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Friends and Partners of WCFIN

Livestock Industry Groups

Province  Beef  Dairy  Swine  Poultry  Eggs 
National  The Canadian Cattlemen's Association (CAA) Link  Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) Link
Canadian Dairy Information Centre Link

Canadian Dairy Commission Link 

 The Canadian Pork Council
Chicken Farmers of Canada Link

Canadian Hatching Egg Producers Link

Turkey Farmers of Canada Link
Egg Farmers of Canada Link 
Manitoba  Manitoba Cattle Producers Association Link Dairy Farmers of Manitoba Link  Manitoba Pork Council Link  Manitoba Chicken Producers Link 

Manitoba Broiler Hatching Egg Commission 

Saskatchewan  Saskatchewan Cattlemen Association Link  SaskMilk Link Saskatchewan Pork Development Board (SaskPork) Link  SK Broiler Hatching Egg Producers' Marketing Board Link 

Alberta  Alberta Cattle Feeders Association Link 

Alberta Beef Producers
Alberta Milk Link  Alberta Pork Link  Alberta Chicken Producers Link 

Alberta Hatching Egg Producers Link 

British Columbia  BC Cattle Industry Development Council (CIDC) Link  BC Milk Producers Association Link  BC Hog Marketing Commission and BC Pork Producers Association Link  BC Chicken Marketing Board Link

BC Broiler Hatching Egg Commission Link 


Crop Producer Groups

Province  Barley  Canola  Flax  Pulses  Forages  Oat  Other Grains 
National    The Canola Growers and Canola Council Link
Flax Council of Canada Link
Pulse Canada Link  Canadian Forage & Grasslands Association Link
  Grain Growers of Canada Link 

Winter Cereals Canada Inc.
Manitoba    Manitoba Canola Growers Link
Manitoba Flax  Manitoba Pulse Growers Association Link 

Manitoba Forage Council Link Manitoba Oat Growers Association Link  Winter Cereals Manitoba Inc.
Saskatchewan    Saskatchewan Canola Development Commission Link

Saskatchewan Canola Growers Association Link 
SaskFlax Link  Saskatchewan Pulse Growers Link  Saskatchewan Forage Council Link  Saskatchewan Oat Development Commission Link  Saskatchewan Winter Cereals Development Commission Link 
Alberta  Alberta Barley Commission Link      Alberta Pulse Growers Association Link
Alberta Forage Industry Network Link    Alberta Winter Wheat Producers Commission Link

Alberta Grain Council Link
British Columbia          British Columbia Forage Council Link    BC Grain Producers Association Link 

Western Canada  Western Barley Growers Association Link          Prairie Oat Growers Association Link  Western Wheat Growers Association Link 

Other links that may interest you:

Fats and Proteins Research Foundation Inc.

Manitoba's Keystone Agricultural Producers Link

Saskatchewan's Agriculture Producers Association of Saskatchewan Link

Alberta's Wild Rose Agricultural Producers Link and Agricultural Research and Extension Council of Alberta Link

British Columbia's Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC Link and BC Agriculture Research and Development Corporation Link

***If you are a member of an group or organization and would like to have your group represented on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us.***