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Future of Feeds Forum
Welcome to the "Future of Feeds Forum"

This Forum will ask the question:

“What will be demanded of the Western Canadian animal feed sector to be prosperous and sustainable by 2030?”

Broad consultation will occur with multiple stakeholders to develop an industry solution.

1. Foresighting April 19-20, 2011

This two-day forum included representatives of the feed value chain from each of the four Western Canadian provinces.  A facilitated process called Strategic Scenario Creation was employed to explore the forces and factors that will impact the Western Canadian animal feed sector over the next two decades.

The “Future of Feeds Forum” will create a common understanding of the possibilities that exist within the feed industries.  Participants will be able to utilize this understanding and shared experience when making decisions related to strategic positioning over the long term.    

A report on the workshop was produced in the Summer 2011

Four scenarios were developed by the workshop participants. A background slide deck describes how the scenarios were developed and what the key themes are. The scenarios were developed to describe four different scenarios that might exist in the year 2030 given the unpredicatability of consumer demands and profitability.



These are the scenarios:

            Primed and Ready
            Smart Feed Savvy Consumer
            Moo Gone Download Complete
            Zero Risk is High Risk

We are unable to upload the scenarios with the audio. If you are interested in viewing them with the audio or have comments on the scenarios please email Colleen Christensen

2. Consulation Phase September 2011 - April 2012

The foresighting scenarios were played for over 250 people from 50+ organizations throughout Western Canada. Participants were asked to comment on the four future feeds scenarios as well as what they thought were top priorities for the feeds Industry in Western Canada.

A report on the Future of Feeds Forum Consultation Phase was produced in May 2012