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Canadian Food Inspection Agency: Livestock Feeds

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“The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) verifies livestock feeds manufactured and sold in Canada or imported are safe, effective and are labelled appropriately. Effective feeds contribute to the production and maintenance of healthy livestock."

CFIA activities include:

evaluating and approving ingredients for use in livestock feeds;

establishing standards and policies for the exemption of feeds from registration;

evaluating and registering specialty products of specific safety or efficacy concern;

monitoring feeds for the presence of residues of chemicals, pesticides, contamination by heavy metals, mycotoxins and salmonella and - verifying drug guarantees in feeds;

investigating detections of feed related contamination of meat, milk or eggs and producer complaints;

reviewing labels of medicated feeds for compliance so that all applicable cautions and warnings are provided for safe use;

inspecting commercial feed mills and farms involved in the production of medicated feeds.

The key acts and regulations we enforce are:

Feeds Act Link PDF

Feeds Regulations Link PDF

Schedule IV Link 

Schedule V Link 

Health of Animals Act Link PDF

Health of Animals Regulations - Food for ruminants, livestock and poultry Link PDF

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Information the CFIA provides for the general public includes:

Fact Sheet - Enhanced Health Protection from BSE

Information the CFIA provide for feed and ingredient suppliers and the livestock sector includes:

Feed Ingredients:

Approved Feed Ingredients

Compendium of Medicating Ingredient Brochure

List of Registered Processing Aids for Rendering Plants, Blood Processing, Meat Processing, and Fish Processing Plants for use in the Production of Feeds

Novel Feeds
 " Novel feeds are feeds composed of or derived from microorganisms, plants or animal sources that:

  • are not approved as livestock feed in Canada (not listed in Schedule IV or V of theFeeds Regulations)
  • and/or contain a novel trait

Novel feeds include microbial products (e.g. forage inoculants, fermentation products) plants with novel traits, and plants with no history of use as feed, and products/by-products of biotechnology-derived animals." link

All Feed trade memoranda, along with registration checklists and other Feed Program documents, have been consolidated into the document: 

Regulatory Guidance: Feed Registration Procedures and Labelling Standards

Consultations on Proposed Regulatory and Policy Changes

Enhanced Feed Ban / Specified Risk Material


Application for Permit to Operate a Rendering Plant - CFIA/ACIA 0065

Application Form for Feed Registration or Renewal - CFIA/ACIA 0009

Declaration of Resident Canadian Agent Form - CFIA/ACIA 1194

Regulatory Guidance / Industry Notices