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Canadian Feed Industry Guides

Under our Canadian Feed Industry Guides you will find all kinds of information on Canadian Feed, Animal Nutrition and Livestock Health.

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Feed Regulations in Canada
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) verifies livestock feeds manufactured and sold in Canada or imported are safe, effective and are labelled appropriately. Effective feeds contribute to the production and maintenance of healthy livestock." - CFIA

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Feed Researchers in Western Canada

Would you like to know who is researching flax meal in Western Canada?

How about who is examining cattle health in British Columbia?
Who is researching poultry welfare?

Try the WCFIN Research Database!

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FDA Feed Regulations

In the United States of America, Livestock feed is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

WCFIN Feed Research Infrastructure Inventory
WCFIN had created a Feed Research Infrastructure Inventory 

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Livestock Numbers

How many Cows are in Canada?

How many Hogs in Manitoba?

How many Eggs are laid in British Columbia?

Who has more Turkeys, Saskatchewan or Alberta?

Feed Regulations in the European Union

European Union's Feed Regulations

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