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Consumer Trends

An output of the Future of Feeds Forum is the recognition that understanding what consumers want and value is critical for the long term profitability and sustainability of the Western Canadian feed sector. The following list of websites contain information on consumer trends.

Statistics Canada

Available Food- A 2008 survey of the average consumption of food in the Canadian diet

The Manitoba Consumer Monitor Food Panel

 Survey 11-01 Baseline contains the baseline information of the MCM Food Panel.

 Survey 11-02 Food Choices contain information about the use of DNA technology for traceability in meat (slides 31-34).

Alberta Meat and Livestock Agency

 Canadian Consumer Retail Meat Study- An extremely comprehensive study regarding Canadian retail meat consumer attitudes from November 2010. Summary slides #13-15.

Future Fare 2012, Changing Mindsets, Terry Fleck, The Center for Food Integrity 

Government of Alberta

 Consumer Food Trends- A series of short papers covering aging dynamics, food safety and fruit and produce perceptions

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

 Canadian Food Trends- A report written in 2005, predicting trends to 2020.

 Canadian Consumer Behaviour, Attitudes and Perceptions- A market analysis report written in May 2005.

Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference 2012 Presentations

The CCA presentation refers to the International Consumer Attitudes Study (slide 19)

Canada Beef Inc presentation refers to consumer sources of trust (slide 19, trust in farmers) and beef buying habits (slides 23-25)

Saskatchewan Grocery Retail and Food Service extensive value chain resources for grocery stores and food retailers

American Data

 Various pork retail studies from

Center for Food Integrity. A USA not for profit established to build consumer trust and confidence in the food system

International Surveys

The International Food Information Council Foundation 2011 Food and Health Survey - primarily US based.

Making Safe, Affordable and Abundant Food, The Three Rights based on an international survey done by Elanco Animal Health.