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To enhance regional feed innovations competitive value chain at the crop livestock interface is enhanced through a network of interconnectivity in research, industry and communities

To be an independent body that provides leadership to encourages the free flow of information, technologies and advances to both industry and academia. To work in the best interests of the livestock and crop producers and feeds industry of Western Canada and for the future of feed/feed by-products technologies.

We are prepare to facilitate an open and positive environment for all livestock and crop producers, feed industries, researchers and governing bodies concerned with the development of a strong, forward thinking feed industry. We will fund research initiatives based on strong evidence for both a need in the research field and the quality of proposed research.

Our objective is to establish the free flow of high quality scientific information between industries and academia within the Prairie Provinces. We will also clarify the research priorities in the current feed nutrition and engineering technologies and identify the research initiatives that best facilitate the evolution of the feed industry.
  • To create a sustainable and regional research network for the feed industry
  • To facilitate the communication between the people/groups/networks currently working in the field of Feed research/industry/producers
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