Welcome to WCFIN
Western Canadian Feeds Innovation Network (WCFIN) provides leadership and direction for the feed value chain in Western Canada. We encourage the free flow of information, technologies and research development to all members of the feed industry. These members include crop producers, livestock producers, feed manufacturers, private and public researchers, as well as agencies dedicated to funding high quality scientific development.

By utilizing the unique and valuable resources in Western Canada, we hope to capture our competitive advantage through cooperative development between research, industry and communities. WCFIN is an initiative of the Feed Innovation Institute (FII) at the University of Saskatchewan, with funding provided by the Alberta Meat and Livestock Agency (ALMA).

Our Supporting Partners

  • Toro Steel Buildings
  • Atlantic Packaging
  • Fil-Trek Corporation
  • Fortigo Freight Services
  • SteelBuilding.ca
  • Vacuum Trucks of Canada
  • Our Vision

    To enhance regional feed innovations competitive value chain at the crop livestock interface through a network of interconnectivity in research, industry and communities.